Recent media coverage on the practice and writing of Alex M. Beckinsale.

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Talkback with Emerging Visual Artist Alex Beckinsale

'Today, we e-meet the emerging visual artist Alex Beckinsale as she arrives back home from a creative journey to Masterton, New Zealand. Hailing from Adelaide in South Australia, Alex’s process of reinvigorating the old and the forgotten images of the past to invoke strong bonds to which normally a viewer would feel a void between the space of life and photograph...'


Discover Salisbury

Emerging local artist Alex M. Beckinsale says the event showing at John Harvey Gallery in Salisbury is part of the strong creative culture in the area.

“I’ve been working as an art teacher in the northern suburbs for the past six years, which has meant I’ve been involved in and seen what impact the arts has on younger people...


Losing TIme 

Alex M. Beckinsale reflects on the ever changing attitudes toward historical photography highlighted by her recent residency at New Zealand Pacific Studios.


Navigating Representationalism 

Representationalism is, arguably, one of the most long standing forms of visual art. As humans we have always seemed inherently obsessed with trying to represent what we see around us. But in this age of digital and photographic imagery, what does artistic representationalism mean now?


The art student and the lady in the photographs

Wandering inside an Adelaide antique market recently, the art student paused to take a look at two old photo albums, tucked away in between antique furniture and vintage treasures...